The Best Essential Oils for Your Bath

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Taking a bath after a long day at work is a sure way for you to relax. However, it is possible to enhance the therapeutic effect of a bath by adding various essential oils to the bath that have a calming effect on the body.

Essential oils are concentrated essences extracted from different plant and can influence your mind and body. The oils have unique and beneficial effects on a

person’s life, a factor that makes them an important aspect of healthy living.

Therapy The main benefit of using essential oils is the therapeutic effect that they have on the body. Their use in therapy heighten the relaxing effects of a bath.The oils have a calming effect on muscles and, therefore, adding them to bathwater after engaging in physical exercises will benefit the muscles.

Some of the oils have sweet and pleasant scents that soothe your senses as you bath. The fragrant oils aid in aromatherapy, an exercise in which one inhales the pleasant scent of an oil to relieve symptoms such as anxiety, muscle tension, and other unpleasant feelings.

The best essential oils to use are the therapeutic grade. Below are some of the oils and their benefits.

1. Tea Tree

The tea tree oil is an important addition to bath time because of the benefits it bears to one’s skin. The essential oil assists in reducing the amount of oil that the skin secretes, a factor that makes it perfect for people with oily skin on the scalp and face.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint oil has a unique and amazing smell that arouses the mind and increases your focus. The distinct smell of the oil comes from its main constituent, methanol. Using the oil in the shower when you are feeling tired rejuvenates the body, and gives it the energy and focus to remain in top performance.

3. Lavender

The most versatile of the oils is the lavender oil. It has a sweet floral scent with a deep herby aroma that intoxicates you as you bathe. The oil relaxes tense

muscles and relieves minor pains, burns, and muscle aches. It also has antiseptic properties that make it perfect for washing small wounds and bruises.

4. Frankincense

The best way to end a stressful day is to use frankincense oil during bath time. The oil is renowned for its ability to evoke a contemplative and a spiritual mood.

Adding the oil to your bath will assist you to reflect on the day’s occurrences. It will also allow you to review stressful encounters with calmness.

5. Rose

Rose oil is crucial for excellent mental health because of its antidepressant function. The oil helps one to achieve a jolly mood, thereby, offsetting the negative effects of depression. The oil also has antiviral, antiseptic, and homeostatic properties. The essential oil has many medicinal applications

Final Thought

Essential oils accrue many benefits to their users. Using them during bath time revitalizes your body and helps you to regain both bodily and mental vigor. The

best essential oils for your bath can be found at shoploveforest.

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