How to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Written by: suzanshad

Obtained from the evergreen eucalyptus tree, otherwise known as eucalyptus globulus, is a unique type of essential oil that has a wide range of uses that you could benefit from. With the tree being originally from Australia, most aboriginal used eucalyptus for curing fungal infections, healing wounds and treating fever. It was later adopted by the European, Greek, Chinese and even Ayurvedic medicine as an expectorant and disinfectant. Today eucalyptus oil is used in a range of applications including;

1. Treating of Tuberculosis and Pneumonia

Having unique antibacterial and antiseptic properties, eucalyptus essential oil is a great product that can be used to treat a range of conditions including pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even tuberculosis. When it is used as an inhalant, vapor rub or massaged on the chest, the oil can help to clear your lungs and reduce inflammation. You may use this product in a diffuser, apply it on your back, or chest in order to achieve the best results.

2. Skin Care and Disinfecting

The oil’s powerful anti-microbial properties make it ideal for use in preventing the spread of viral and bacterial infections. You can apply it topically in order to treat your skin infections. Ideally, the oil is known to help in speeding up the treatment of acne, sunspots, eczema, blemishes, pimples and a range of other conditions. Moreover, you can combine it with coconut or olive oil in order to create a natural sunscreen or moisturizer to use on your skin.

3. Treating of Asthma

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus oil has been confirmed to be extremely effective in treating bronchial asthma. You can use the oil in your diffuser or through inhalation in order to clear congestion and reduce inflammation in your airways. You can also massage about one to three drops of this essential oil on your chest. The oil usually works by calming the throat and dilating blood vessels, which in turn enables more oxygen to get into your lungs, thus helping in restoring the normal breathing.

4. Hair Care

This oil has potent anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that can help in removing germ build-up in your hair follicles. This will in turn help in preventing conditions like psoriasis, itchy scalp and dandruff. In order to achieve the best results, you could blend just a few drops of the oil with one tablespoon of either olive or coconut oil in order to moisturize and ultimately heal the scalp. In addition, when you apply just a few drops of eucalyptus to your scalp it will stimulate the flow of blood hence boosting the growth of hair.

5. Improving the Brain Function

This oil is also used as a special kind of aromatherapy that helps to stimulate the mental activity and alertness. It is a powerful vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels, hence increasing blood flow to the brain. This will in turn lead to better brain function and greater brain power.

Being a therapeutic grade essential oil, you can also use this oil to treat joint pain, treat fever, manage diabetes, relieve muscle pain, prevent and even treat dental infections among many other applications. Like other essential oils, the product may be used in different ways including topical application, inhalation, use in a diffuser, or massaging at the affected areas.

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