How I made my own massage oil

Written by: melancholy

I love massages - and who doesn't? But proper massage oil is surprisingly expensive! And cheaper oils are so below therapeutic grade that they're not worth buying. They just don't have the aromatherapy quality proper massage oil has, which is super important with massages.

So, instead, I experimented with essential oils and did a bit of research online to make my very own, therapeutic grade massage oil, perfect for aromatherapy and massage. Massage oils are made out of essential oils, and there is a such a large range of them that finding the right combination was hard. I've found, however, that for the best effect chamomile and lavender oil are the top choices.

In aromatherapy, chamomile essential oils are used for its calming, skin benefiting qualities, and has a very calming smell, so perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. Lavender oil is used in aromatherapy as the essential oil helps with muscle pains, migraines and inflammation, along with being one of the safest types of essential oil, so it is one of the most used essential oil in aromatherapy. I found the best quality chamomile and lavender oils at shoploveforest, an online pure essential oil store.

Along with chamomile and lavender oil, we'll need a carrier oil. Carrier oil is the basic ingredient of all massage oils, as essential oils by themselves are too strong for aromatherapy. The best carrier oil for you will be based on your skin type. I used hazelnut oil for mine.

To make your massage oil, you'll need:

- Lavender oil

- Chamomile oil

- Any other essential oils you want

- Your prefered carrier oil

- A bottle to store your massage oil in (like a glass jar)

- A bowl (or cup if you prefer)

To make the perfect, therapeutic grade, aromatherapy oil, start off by adding 4 ounces of the carrier oil to the bowl. Then you'll need to add the essential oils. You'll need at least 5 to 15 drops of each essential oil for it to make an impact.

You can choose how many drops you want based on how strong you would like each essential oil to be. So perhaps 5 drops for a very subtle inclusion of the essential oil, 10 drops for it to stand out a little more, and 15 drops for it to be prominent. For example, when I made mine I used 10 drops of chamomile essential oil and 15 drops of lavender essential oil so that the aromatherapy was a mix of both essential oils, whilst lavender oil stood out a little more.

Mix well, until you can't see the colours of the essential oils still lingering in the mixture. If the carrier oil you used is more of a liquid wax type (like coconut or jojoba oils), make sure to scrape the bowl as you mix. Then all you need to do is pour your massage oil into the jar (or scrape it if it's started to solidify) and you're all set!

The massage oil turned out to be real therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil, and the lavender oil really helped to pull it off - though I have a feeling any essential oil will work with my recipe. I found shoploveforest super helpful as their delivery came really quick, and their customer service was great! I'd really recommend them for whenever you're using essential oils.

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