Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits

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Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain volatile aromatic compounds derived from plants. Others names in which essentials oils are called include ethereal oils, aetherola or as the oil of plant from which the oil is derived. For example, honeysuckle essential oil is a concentrated liquid extracted honeysuckle plant. An oil is termed as being essential in the sense that the oil contains the characteristic essence of the fragrance of the plant from which it was extracted. Essential oils are used in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, detergents, massage oils, candle etc. for sweet smelling odor or fragrance.

Aromatherapy is a field of alternative medicine in which aromatic compounds are used to healing sickness and diseases; and essential oils form part of the compounds used. Honeysuckle essential oil was originally used as a body system cleanser. In this modern age, honeysuckle essential oil is used to treat mild headaches, mental and emotional disorder using its beneficial fragrance and medicinal values.

Honeysuckle essential oil is also called Lonicera caprifolium and is derived from the honeysuckle flower and is best used for relieving body pains, respiratory pathologies and for relaxation generally. It is also used for treatment of skin rashes, reduction of inflammation, giving birth with more ease, heal snakebites etc.

Benefits of honeysuckle essential oil are listed below in the following:

1.) It helps in stress relief.

2.) It helps to improves oral health. The teeth, gum and the whole mouth in general is kept clean by honeysuckle essential oil by preventing growth of germs and bacteria in the oral cavity, thus preventing tooth decay and mouth odor.

3.) It aids digestion of food.

4.) Honeysuckle essential oil helps in promoting healthy skin as it possesses anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties to make it suitable for proper skin care. It is used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, skin rashes, sunburn, dermatic atrophy when added to body cream.

5.) Honeysuckle essential oil helps in the maintenance of normal glucose level in the blood (especially in gluconeogenesis). Constituents of honeysuckle essential oil are effective in controlling the blood glucose level by improving the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Honeysuckle essential oil can be used by diabetic patients in helping to control their blood glucose level.

6.) It also acts as an anti-oxidant in fighting free radicals.

7.) It helps to boost the body immune system in fighting against germs and pathogens that cause sickness and diseases as frequent use of honeysuckle essential oil may help relief sore throat pains, heal fever. Hence, its evidence of curbing immune related infections and diseases.

8.) Honeysuckle essential oil helps to relief pains and stress by calming the body down when massaged on various body parts so as to relief physical and mental stress.

9.) Honeysuckle essential oil has a lot of important constituents that enables it to prevent bacterial and viral infections that causes illness in the body. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honeysuckle essential oil help prevent microorganism growth.

10.) It promotes healthy hair.

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