Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Written by: Cmchezo

Pregnancy period is one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life. During this time, she keeps herself safe to protect her unborn child from both external and internal damage. She does this by being careful on what she takes, how she sleeps, clothes she wears among other factors. The following are tips to consider while taking aromatherapy treatments using essential oils:

a. Your Trimester

Your baby develops in three trimesters, and the first one is the most important. At this stage is when your baby is forming and defines how your baby will be. During the first trimester, avoid using essential oils as they may affect your baby's formation. In your second and third trimesters, the baby is already formed and is now growing. At this stage, there are some essential oils you can use without them interfering with your baby's growth. Among these essential oils is the lavender oil, which works on your sleep and relaxation. This oil helps you have a better sleep as well as help you in relaxing.

b. Quality of the Oils

You should understand essential oils sells at a standard level in the market. You should, therefore, be able to differentiate between counterfeit and original oils. One of the qualities of good essential oil is that it does not have any therapeutic grade. All essential oils have a standard production from the manufacturers, and grading is not part of the process. Instead, the quality of these oils depends solely on how and where they are grown.

c. Availability of Essential Oils

Another essential factor to consider is the ease of availability of these oils. Consider whether you can get the recommended oils during pregnancy with ease. Do not feel tempted to choose the variety which is not approved. If lavender oil is not easily available, you should consider looking alternative aromatherapy treatments from your doctor.

d. Professional guide

As part of taking care of your pregnancy, you should always seek help before using any therapeutic oils from a professional. Some of these products may perfectly work for one person and have an adverse effect on the other. The same case applies to when you are under medication. A professional health practitioner will be able to know whether these products can react with your medication and advise you accordingly. Some of these reactions can be costly to both you and your unborn child.

e. Cost of the Oils

You should always aim at working within your budget limitations. This habit creates a healthy lifestyle for you and helps to keep off unnecessary debts. If the oil is expensive, go for a package of lower quantity but not a different variety. It will push you through a specific period, and you will have found some money for another oil by the time you are done with the first one.

Pregnancy is sensitive, and it is your responsibility to make sure you have a healthy one. Thus, you should be careful about the type of essential oils you are using. Using non-recommended oils during pregnancy can bring complications which could have otherwise been avoided.

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