Essential Oils and Children

Written by: kingbev100

Essential Oils and Children

We have all heard about essential oils, their properties, their use in alternative medicine what is commonly called aromatherapy

In nature, in the forests (that are so in danger on these days), in the fields, in the land that supports us, a large number of plants that have an incredible variety of healing properties grow for us.

The use of the essential oils, substances extracted from those special plants, is something that goes back to the origins of mankind.

In some cases, the "shamans” have replaced the doctors, for lack of them or simply because the common people trusted them because of the palpable results of their treatments.

The manufacturing process of the essential oils is usually by distillation. I have a friend who sells a big variety of essential oils. She is the distributor of a well-known firm that has industrialized what was once a craft production. She often does demonstrations at home and the guests can try the different oils.

That friend told me that to get the contents of a 15 ml vial. of rose essential oil, you need approximately 30 kilos of petals!

The healing and beneficial virtue of essential oils derives from the fact that they are composed of molecules of very small size, so they can easily pass through the cells of the body, including the so-called "blood-brain barrier", that is, they even act in our brain.

These oils help to cure various physical ailments (some people even claim that they can be used in anti-carcinogenic therapies) but also to alleviate illnesses and rather psychological states such as anxiety, anguish, etc.

As they have no known side effects, it is very important that we pay attention to the benefits they can bring for children, for which it is not desirable or convenient to use strong chemical compounds that sometimes do more harm than good.

I would say that essential oils, or at least some of them, should be used frequently to combat the most common ills of children: headaches, flu, fever, catarrh, cough, anxiety, fear, sadness at the loss of a pet or of a loved one, etc.

My mother used eucalyptus leaves for respiratory problems such as bronchitis, for example.

If children become accustomed using these pure products of nature, they will soon stop needing strong chemical remedies from pharmacies.

And these oils will also have a preventive function. The effect of the essential oils, which is not only physical or chemical but also "energetic", will be palpable and visible.

Children will learn to love nature, to recognize the different trees and plants. With their open mind and eager for knowledge and learning, they will identify with the natural world in which we live and which in the big cities seems to be so distant and unreachable.

I was lucky to grow up (along with my 10 brothers) in a small town, in a neighborhood that was a step away from the open field, where the "healers" of the area knew how to find all kinds of weeds, leaves, and fruits that they used to cure the "embarrassment" (indigestion), and the "evil eye", for example.

These women (occasionally also men) had developed a special perception, both to recognize plant varieties and their properties, as well as to perceive the mood and health of their patients. Especially children, who were carried by their mothers.

I must then strongly recommend that we seek and investigate the essential oils that even in this complicated world we have at our disposal, paying special attention to those who will benefit most from them: children

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