Economical Recipe for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

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Have you ever taken a shower in a 5-star hotel? If the bathroom is equipped with bath bombs one would go thinking: “what an executive, and luxurious experience this is”. Little do most people know that you can have the same experience in your own house, at home, with homemade Lavender Bath Bombs. This article is about making simple yet elegant Lavender Bath Bombs to upscale up aromatherapy and improve the bathing experience at your home. By doing it yourself, experience a 5-star treatment at your own bathroom using essential oils.

Importance of Lavender Bath Bomb

There are a number of benefits of using Lavender Bath Bombs.

1. It is believed that lavender bath bombs can prevent or protect users from lifestyle-related diseases and illness. Diseases such as cancer, obesity, and blood pressure can be prevented through the use of this product.

2. The presence of essential oils in these therapeutic products have the capacity to alter body metabolism in a way to allow for loss of unnecessary body weight. Loosing overweight is setting oneself on the right healthy path and prevent lifestyle diseases.

3. The aromatherapeutic components are useful in improving sleep quality. A rested body leads to a healthy life.

4. Balancing body sugar – Lavender Bath Bomb help in balancing of body glucose hence. Therefore, protecting people from blood sugar problems such as diabetes.

Homemade recipe

Ingredients of lavender bath bombs are usually laced with components of the high therapeutic grade. Normally, the ingredients of Lavender Bath Bombs are locally available from stores near you. These include:

Description Amount

1. Baking soda ¼ of a cup

2. Citric acid 2 tablespoons

3. Lavender essential oil 10 drops

4. Almond oil tablespoon

5. Sugar 2 tablespoons

6. Vitamin E oil 1 tablespoon

7. Lavender shoots 2 tablespoons

8. Water

Every element of DIY Lavender Bath Bombs listed above has a medicinal value through aromatherapy technology.

How to make DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

1. Spread the lavender shoots on a silicone mold.

2. Mix baking soda with citric acid.

3. Separately mix the essential and almond oil and mix thoroughly.

4. Add water to the almond and essential oil mixture. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

5. Pour the mixture into the silicone molds.

6. After some time, when the mixture has solidified, turn the mold upside down over paper towels. Carefully remove the bath bombs.

7. Put the bath bombs on a foil paper and let them dry for over 8 hours.

8. Pop the bath bombs out and package them properly in a manner that you can use with ease.

9. For bathing purposes, one block is enough, throw it inside a bathtub until it forms. Jump in and take your time to bathe.


DIY Lavender Bath Bombs are home-made but do treat the user to a luxurious, 5-Star bath experience. Benefits range from treating lifestyle diseases to skin treatment that has positive implications on blood sugar levels. Caution, however, needs to be observed before this homemade product is used by pregnant and nursing mothers. For such, consulting a doctor is highly recommended. Some essential oils can pose a risk to pregnant mothers. Safety measures must be observed for a nursing mother too. Otherwise, DIY Lavender Bath Bombs are affordable to make since the ingredients are inexpensive.

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