DIY Father's Day Gifts with Essential Oils

Written by: Semmy Reen

Just like a woma need to be appreciated, a man too need to be appreciated. Father's day usually comes once in a year. This is the time that we should show love and appreciate all the men who play important roles in our lives. This could be your dad, uncle, husband, brother or even best friend who is a father. You don't have to scratch your head about the kind of gift to offer, DIY essential oils is the best gift for father's day.

The important thing with essential oils is that they are non-toxic. They are also made of natural ingredients. This means they don't have a lot of chemicals thus appropriate for your father's skin. Much more they don't have strong smell because men don't like strong smell. Here are some essential oils which can be used as fathers day all of which are available in shoploveforest

1. Lavender Essential oil

This is one of the gift that you can give to your dad on father's day. It is found in shoploveforest. It is high quality oil that any man will want. It is made from lavender plant So its very natural. It make the skin soft and moisturizes it. It is also easily applicable so you can just use small amount. you can't miss this one for your father's day.

2. All natural cologne for men(melon)

This is another of our product from shoploveforest. As we know it is a desire of every one to have sweet smell. This makes you confident especially when you pass in front of people. You can also do this for your dad. He needs to be confident and have those nice smell. This aromatherapy essential oil will ensure that your dad stay cool. Try it you won't regret.

3. DIY Natural Muscle Rub

Here comes another essential oil from shoploveforest which can be your dad's gift on fathers day. Men do a lot of hard work. They do this to get their daily bread and ensure their families don't starve . This might make them get muscle ache. Our product here is a solution to that. It relieve muscle pain and makes you relax. It contain many natural ingredients that help relieve pain quickly and soften then skin. Why not choose this for your dad? He will really love it.

4. DIY lip balm with essential oil

Talking of lips, it is a very sensitive part. It needs to be taken care of. Can you imagine your boyfriend or husband with cracked lips? It can be very disappointing. You might not even want to kiss him. But with this lip balm will make it easy. It will soften the lips making them attractive. The same thing with your dad, His lips should look good. So our product here from shoploveforest will help in that.

5. Beard oil with essential oil.

Another amazing gift is here. Too much beard cannot be attractive sometimes. Any man needs to look attractive. This essential oil will soften the beard have a nice smell. There is also essential oil for shaving. This can ensure your dad look great.

Our oil have therapeutic grades since they can be used for heath purposes. Shoploveforest also offer free shipping and a discount of 20% if you buy 4 or more products.

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