Coconut Oil Recipes and Uses

Written by: Orero2017

Coconut Oil Recipes and Uses

Coconut oil is one of the essential oils known to man as it gives us many ways on how we can use it. Having this in our daily lives is very important. There are a lot of benefits that we can actually get in using coconut oil not just in our hair and skin, but we can also use this around our house. Here are some of the uses and recipes that we can use coconut oil. Coconut oil is very essential to human being in many ways. Its believed to be one of the best raw material for making lotions for body use.

Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Skin Care

- Cheekbone highlighter

- Shaving lotion

- Facial scrub

- Body scrub

- Makeup remover

- Babycare

- Massage oil

- Facial Scrub

- Home-made lip balm or lip gloss

- Moisturizer during your pregnancy days

- You can apply it on your nipple during your breastfeeding sessions with your baby.

- After Suncare

- Facial Moisturizer

- Tanning Oil

- Elbow Rub

- You can use to treat those dry skin on your feet.

Coconut Oil Hair Care

- Hair fly away tamer

- Defrizzer of split ends

- Static reducer

- Hair mask

- Conditioner

Coconut Oil Healthy Uses

- Aromatherapy

- Metabolism Booster

- Energizer

- Homemade toothpaste which can make your teeth stronger and have healthier gum as well.

Coconut Oil for Around the House

- Cast iron pan

- Can be used as a lubricant on small motors

Coconut for Animal Uses

- Feed it to your dog or cat for them to have more energy.

- Put it in your cat’s paw to make it shiny and it will minimize hairballs

- Brush it in your dog’s teeth for them to have stronger teeth.

Recipes Where You Can Use Coconut Oil

Here are some of the ways that you can use coconut oil when it comes to cooking as part of your recipes.

- Put it on toast instead of butter

- You can add it to your smoothies for you to increase your energy.

- Fry your eggs with coconut to have a non-stick surface and some tastier eggs

- Popcorn Topping – you can use this as an alternative to butter for your popcorn.

- Coconut Oil Coffee – Another way for you to start your day is to mix it with your coffee for it to make it tastier and will also help you boost up your energy as well.

- Whole Wheat Coconut Oil Waffles

- Coconut oil with lime rice

- Home-made dark chocolate with coconut oil – healthy and at the same time healthier.

- Paleo Coconut Walnut Squash

Simple yet very helpful, this is why must have coconut oil around the house. Not only that it can help you on your chores at home to make it easier for you, it can also be used in different recipes for a healthy living lifestyle, and at the same time can become as a great remedy for our beauty regimen wherein it is more effective than using other body and hair products. I would advise any person to use the products of the coconut oil as it is one of the best in the market.

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